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***All potential employees are required to provide proof they were fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This means fully vaccinated with the first round of vaccines (whatever the brand chosen requires of whether one shot or two). We do not require the booster shot.***

We are currently seeking to grow our family here at One American Home Services. We are seeking the best of the best to join us in meeting the needs of our community with a high standard of honesty, integrity, quality and customer service. If you believe you are a good fit, we look forward to reviewing your credentials. 


We are seeking sub-contractors (individuals or small businesses) to work with us on a myriad of projects (small to very large). The way we work is to provide all materials for each job that will be ready when the job begins. We will provide full scope of what the job includes along with the amount we can pay for the project.  Once each job is completed and the customer is satisfied, the sub-contractors will be paid in full either with a check from our office (to pick up in person) or a direct deposit within 24-48 hours.  Must pass a background check. Must provide proof of liability insurance. Must have own tools (everything needed to complete the job except for the specific materials for the project). 

All qualified and interested individuals are encouraged to submit your information (including your liability insurance info) to [email protected]. If you present qualifications that meet our requirements, we will be in touch to begin the interviewing process. Please do not call by phone or come in person. We will be in touch if you demonstrate you are a potential good fit.